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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

History of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

The founder of the Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre, TELAMAHA, has started conducting the first meditation classes in 1999 at 40 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209910. Most of the members at that time were Singaporeans who came to meditate with a purpose to solve their problems in marriage, work, career, health and finance. Some were even having doubts about their future and lost their directions in life.

The founder organized ten “cleansing ceremonies” leading the pilgrims up to the mountains to cleanse their souls and improve their fates. These cleansing ceremonies also enabled them to meditate better and more easily in the future while at the same time achieved quicker results. The results after the ceremony were exceptionally good and more people came to practice meditation after hearing about it.

In 2000, due to insufficient space, the founder moved from Singapore to establish the first Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia located at 16A, Jalan Temenggong 9, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia. In 2002, due to rental and insufficient space concerns, the Eight Ways Meditation Centre had to moved again to the current location at 38A, Jalan Temenggong 10, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.

In 28 September 2003, the founder setup the Eight Ways Meditation Society. The main purpose for setting up this Society is to overlook the registration process and also to manage a series of work. The president of the committee at that time was Mr Kam Tan Nam, and the secretary, Mr Lee Sim Choy. In 31st March 2004, we successfully gained approval from the Government Registration Department and at the same time on 7th May, we elected the first committee members for 2004 till 2005. In 20 June 2008, Eight Ways Meditation Society had further obtained the license for the entire Johor State, Malaysia.

The above hard work done by the founder to let Eight Ways Meditation Society be legalized and glorified as well as to spread TELAMAHA’s spirit to help the public to acquire freedom both mentally and spiritually. When faced with problems in life, we do not blame others but however maintain an agile attitude to solve the problems. Apart from taking things in its stride and remaining calm, we should learn to give and care as well as know how to let go when it is time to do so.

TELAMAHA wishes that everyone can obtain peace and liberation, spiritually and mentally, through meditation to purify and develop oneself, enable one to live life to the fullest, comfortably as well as with ease. This is the ultimate goal of TELAMAHA’s effort in establishing the Eight Ways Meditation Centre for the public.

Eight Ways Layang Layang Meditation Centre

Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre established a new meditation centre in Johor, Layang Layang. The goal is to enable the public to meditate in this meditation centre to achieve tranquility, recuperates one’s body and mind and find peace and serenity in the bustles of one’s life. It was officially open on 24 June 2007 to the public to change their luck and make wishes. On an annual basis, we will conduct a change of luck event for the public on 13th, 14th and 15th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year.


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