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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Amazing Power of Holy Spirit - Change of Luck

Eight Ways Layang Layang Meditation Centre is open daily to public to meditate as well as to change one’s luck by cleansing oneself with the holy water. Cleansing of oneself is open to all regardless of one’s race, religion, social status, age or gender. Through the power of the holy water, one’s illness, pain, bad luck as well as bad spirit within one’s body will be removed as shown in the photos below. Hence, one’s luck, health, career and life will improve. The effect of this cleansing process differs for each individual. If one cherish and believes in oneself and do good deeds, good luck will always be with them. However, if one does not believe in oneself and harbour ill thoughts or do bad deeds, one’s good luck will then last for a short period of time and is temporary. Ultimately after the cleansing process, one’s luck is within one’s decision and control.