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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Our Philosophy
8ways Meditation - Our Philosophy

Meditation is an art in which one who practices it is able to release oneself from the material world, freeing one’s soul to enable oneself to emit the aura of the Holy Spirits.

To achieve a successful, happy and active life, one needs to have a fulfilling spiritual life. Meditation is the means to achieve that spiritual attainment and direction in life. Meditation has profound purposes and values to our daily lives and time should be invested to learn and experience it. The essence of meditation is to allow a person to discover himself, acquiring true freedom by releasing himself from the pursuit of desires, material gains, fame, prejudice and self defense. At the same time, meditation will reveal our true nature, making us more sober and pure, increasing our ability to adapt to life.

The rapid economic development over the years had altered our social structure, drastically affecting our culture and leading to problems in our lives. These problems affect us physically, as displayed by symptoms of emptiness, anxiety, insomnia, self delusion and etc. The unbalance in spiritual life of the society can also be noted by the increase in suicide incidents, divorce cases and youth crime rates.

Meditation leads us to the path of enlightenment and allows us to experience the presence of the Holy Spirits. It guides and teaches us how to deal with unexpected problems in our lives, telling us not to escape from life and become a slave to desires. Instead, we should strive to be a wise man, gain enlightenment and be a master of our own lives rather than being transformed by the environment. 

Meditation allows us to understand the concept of “purity” and forgo all unreasonable desires. “Emptiness” removes us from illusions, allowing us to lead lives with normality and realism. Only by doing so, we can then live according to our true self, natural instincts and Holy Spirit to bring fulfillment to our lives and contribute to the society. The modern man lives in material abundance but spiritual poverty. Spiritual purity is the missing essence in modern life and meditation allows the purification and enlightenment of one’s soul, allowing one to even treasure one’s family, friends and those who meditate more. One will also be able to understand and cherish the opportunity to meditate.

Through the different stages of meditation, we will continue to gain unceasingly the wisdom, spiritual intelligence and capability and also lead our lives with vigor, freedom and fulfillments. This is the main purpose of meditation.


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