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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Our Founder, TELAMAHA

Since young, TELAMAHA possess supernatural powers that enable him to see and sense things that normal people are unable to. One day, something happened which made him finally realized that those white “ghosts” that he had seen thus far are in fact the most original and pure spirit. All these original spirits are faceless and are only in a form of white shadow. Hence at the same time, began his life in the path of meditation and Holy Spirit.

On one occasion, TELAMAHA was shopping with his good friend along Serangoon Street in Singapore when they saw an Indian lady ran amok. The people around her could not restrain nor suppress her and everyone was in fear. TELAMAHA deeply sympathized with her because he saw that her body was possessed by evil spirits and gave her a helping hand. TELAMAHA hence immediately went forward to negotiate with the spirits and soon, the Indian lady resumed her usual self. At that time, his friend hence persuaded him and asked why didn’t he come forward in Asia region to help save the populace to overcome their difficulties and save even more people?

Finally in 1999, TELAMAHA started to conduct meditation lesson in Singapore. Due to the long term need to commute between two countries, he decided to establish the first Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Asia). It had been established for ten years or more already. His key objective in setting up the meditation centre is to save more people and at the same time, he understands the law of “Heaven and Earth”.

TELAMAHA enables the people to understand the law of “Heaven and Earth” through meditation and also at the same time, increases and unveil one’s wisdom and innate potentials. The present bustling lifestyle does not enable the people to stop and gasp for breath and it also make one to lose oneself and direction. Through meditation, it is a different situation, as one is able to obtain realization, directions and drives that also increase one’s foresight and the ability to avoid disputes and unnecessary troubles in life.

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