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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Frequently Ask Questions

Is this related to religion?

Eight Ways meditation is NOT a religion nor related to any other religion in the world. Everyone can meditate in Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre regardless of one’s religion, belief, race, social status, age or gender. Everyone is equal and we welcome everyone.

All those who meditate in Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre, only believe in themselves and have the knowledge that there is a universe beyond another. They only believe and not idolize nor worship, they meditate and discover their original Holy Spirit and at the same time to be fully immersed and personally experience deeply the miracles of their own Holy Spirit’s abilities and innate strength. They are able to develop and unleash their own unique innate potentials and power within themselves. 


Can I lean Meditation from a book?

Meditation is an art in which one must practice and experience personally to understand the beauty of meditation and one’s Holy Spirit. Every individual is blessed with a Holy Spirit that is distinct and unique. Hence, the processes and experiences differ from individual. Therefore, a book will not be able to provide adequate and complete information for one to learn meditation unless one meditates personally to discover.


Is Meditation same as relaxing?

Meditation is a form of relaxation to calm one’s mind and to experience peace in one’s body, mind and spirit. Other relaxation activities will not increase one’s spirituality and wisdom as heal oneself, improve and change one’s livelihood. However meditation in Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre enables you to achieve these through the power of your own Holy Spirit.


Are all the Meditation the same?

Most meditation practices focus on one’s energy flow. However in Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre, one will have the opportunity to discover and understand your own, to believe in yourself as well as the opportunity to realise and experience the existence of your own original spirits through meditation.

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