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Introduction of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre

Amazing Power of Holy Spirit - Saving a Life

Do you believe in the existence of “Spirit”? Did you personally experience or witness “spirit” related incidences? The spirit world, in fact, exists in our world even if the populace is not aware of it. However, the spiritual world and our daily livelihood are closely related similar to how air exists and is related to us. In this interview, she is not related to any religion nor is a devotee but she is one who had encounter with “Holy Spirit” and firmly believe without any doubts in the power of “Holy Spirit”.

Sharing of a personal experience of a sick mother-in-law


44 years old Mrs. Cheong is a manager of an IT department and her husband is a contractor. She leads a team with many staff reporting to her and she can be considered a career woman. She is highly educated and yet she believes in the existence of “Holy Spirit” and she is a member of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre. Before she learnt about “Holy Spirit”, she was just an ordinary person and was not a career woman. She had nothing to her name and every day, she worked very hard day and night and her life was ordinary and plain. Thanks to heaven, she met TELAMAHA and allowed her to learn about Holy Spirit and since then, her life is never the same and had changed.

Rare Opportunity to receive help from the Holy Spirit
When I initially learnt about Holy Spirit, it was due to a relative who suffered from chronic skin disease whom I was very close to and I had accompanied her to seek for medical help in all over the places without any avail and her condition still did not show any improvement. In a rare opportunity, we heard that the founder – TELEMAHA of Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre possessed supernatural power and the Holy Spirit can assist and liberate many people from their problems. Hence, I decided to bring my relative to seek help there.

While on the way there, I wondered whether Holy Spirit truly exists and should it truly cure my relative’s illness, I would understand and explore more about it and even spread the words to all. Unexpectedly, miracles happened as the illness that had troubled my relative for many years had improved through meditation.

Mrs. Cheong is someone who will keep her promises.  Her relative recovered fully and hence she would also keep her promise to meditate there. She said honestly: “During the 11 years when she meditated, many good things had happened to her, including her family, both her husband’s and her business. In particular, her husband’s business had grown and prospered a lot.

Mother-in-law complaint of tiredness and did not wake up after a sleep
The incident that left the deepest impression in her was last year when her mother-in-law almost departed from them. Mrs. Cheong expressed: “My mother-in-law’s health had always been good. Without any explanation, one fine day, my mother-in-law expressed that she was easily tired recently and often fell asleep. Initially we were nonchalant about it and thought that my mother-in-law was simply being exhausted.  One day, similarly she told us that she was tired; she lay down to rest and did not wake up regardless of our relentless effort to wake her up. Strangely, she was still breathing and at certain point of time, she would suddenly wake up and led her life as per normal.” She continued and said: “My husband and I thought that something was not right. Hence we invited a house doctor to diagnose her and the doctor indicated that she was very healthy and she may simply be exhausted.”

They were initially at ease and were having a peace of mind. However, her mother-in-law once again fell asleep and did not wake up. Her maid hurriedly contacted both Mrs. Cheong and her husband. When Mr. Cheong reached home, her mother-in-law’s body had already turned cold and could not wake up. Mr. Cheong already knew what had happened to her but could not accept the fact. At that time, TELAMAHA was in Kualar Lumpur and hence they invited him to her house. When he entered the house, he immediately said that there was unknown thing in her house. After some enquiries, they realised that there was no such person. TELAMAHA hence used his spiritual power to wake her mother-in-law up. When her mother-in-law woke up, she said that she met a deceased relative who kept asking her to go back, she felt that she had walked and travelled a long journey and she did not have any more energy left.

Holy Pendant prevents bad spirit to be near one’s body
When TELAMAHA saw this, he immediately helped her mother-in-law to put on the Holy Pendant. This was because the Holy Pendant can prevent bad spirit to come near our body. At the same time, he said that her mother-in-law’s life was near the end and had instructed the couple to be careful.  Mrs. Cheong said: “We had not given the elderly a comfortable life for her to enjoy and hence kept pleading TELAMAHA to help us as we wanted the elderly to have more time with us. After hearing their pleas, teacher encouraged us not to give up and seek help from heaven.

“During the battle of life and death, we did not give up although we were exhausted and in despair. Once again, we invited the house doctor to diagnose my mother-in-law and hope that there would be a turning point but the doctor diagnosed that my mother-in-law was overly exhausted and if we were still worried, we may send her to hospital.” Mrs. Cheong expressed that she sought TELAMAHA’s advice but he did not encourage us to send her to hospital as hospital is a place for birth and death. If we send her to the hospital, there would be possibility that more bad spirits may harass her.

“At our wit’s end, we watched over her and stayed at my mother-in-law’s bedside day and night. We even gathered all our friends and relatives together. On that night, my mother-in-law suddenly woke up and told us that she was leaving and hope that we would all take good care of ourselves.” Mrs. Cheong knew that such situation was known as dying flash and also knew firmly about what TELAMAHA had said previously regarding harassment of bad spirits but I held my tears and asked my mother-in-law not to think too much. I once again called TELAMAHA and sought his guidance as well as carried out his instructions accordingly.

On that night, her mother-in-law did not leave them but instead on the second day morning at 7am, she was discharged from the hospital and miraculously was fully recovered and resumed a normal life. After this incident, Mrs. Cheong expressed that her entire family was impressed with TELAMAHA’s capability.

Obtain a new life after the encounter with Holy Spirit 
Mrs. Cheong expressed that she initially thought that it was a perfect ending as life was as per normal but the nightmare recurred one week after her mother-in-law was discharged. Suddenly one day, her mother-in-law once again slept and did not wake up. She was afraid that this time her mother-in-law would not pull through and leave her. Hence she again sought TELAMAHA’s guidance.

Mrs. Cheong expressed: “This time, TELAMAHA asked us to personally visit Eight Ways (International) Meditation Centre’s branch at Layang Layang to be cleansed using the holy water. I wondered if a simple cleansing could really be effective. However, I should not have negative thoughts and hence the next morning at 5am, I brought my family and travelled from Kualar Lumpur to Johor Layang Layang.

“When we arrived at the main door of Eight Ways meditation centre, my mother-in-law refused to enter. When TELAMAHA saw this, he immediately cleansed her. After which, my mother-in-law said:”I got to leave.” and also fell to the floor. When she woke up, she was sober since then. TELAMAHA explained that the holy water was used to cleanse and change the identity of her mother-in-law so as to enable her deceased relative to forget about her and no longer harass her.

Mrs. Cheong also divulged that she possessed two Holy Elephant and each time she leaves her house, she will seek for safety and protection for her family. She expressed that she did not believe in such things till she learnt about Holy Spirit and she only changed her view after she experienced all those changes in her life and family.

“I had ever asked TELAMAHA how I could repay his kindness and deeds. I did not expect that he would response that these are things that he should do and hence no repayment is required. As long as one believe in the existence of heaven then that is good enough. I was extremely touched when I heard those words of his.”

Mrs. Cheong said: “Everyone will have their own doubts and will then seek TELAMHA’s guidance. To meditate and discover one’s Holy Spirit is the essence of Eight Ways meditation. When one is able to communicate with one’s Holy Spirit, one will then be able to establish one’s path and have a bright future.” This is the direction that Mrs. Cheong had been seeking in her life. Mrs. Cheong’s personal experience may not be considered as the most touching incident but it definitely move one’s heart deeply especially when we hear her mother-in-law’s incident and with her sincerity and honesty. Among all deeds, filial piety is the most imperative and she had done that and its worthwhile for all of us to learn from her.

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